Energy Bracelet


  • Work at the desk for a long time, have bad blood circulation and get soreness, pain, and numbness in lumbar vertebra and cervical vertebra;
  • Suffer high blood pressure.  hyperlipaemia and high glucose;
  • Suffer great pressure from work and study. Mental stress and forgettery;
  • Are subject to hypoimmunity, fatigue and cold, and always felt the hands and feet icy cold;
  • Have poor sleep and living habits, especially if those who often stay up late;
  • Suffer soreness and pain in muscle for too much exercise.
  • Unsuitable for people who;
    • In the period of chemo-treatment or Surgery recovery, implanted with devices like cardiac pacemaker, have obvious wound on the wrist where the bracelet is wore or pregnant, etc.


For Arthritis, Stroke Patients, joint pains

Key Features


  • Take off the bracelet when bathing or putting hands into any liquid to ensure the longevity of functional particles;
  • Avoid scrape or collision of the bracelet with other hard materials which may cause damage;
  • In normal conditions, the bracelet can be used together with the wristwatch, cellphone or magnetic card, but should not be in touch with them for a long time;
  • Prevent the unattended children from accidentally swallowing the bracelet.


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